If you are interesting in vendoring at Ener-Con in 2017 please email us at [email protected] to learn all the details!

2017 Vendor List:

Cobra Collectibles

Evolution Collectibles

Robimus Collectibles

Wastelanders Emporium

Nerdhaven Collectibles

Dee's Collectibles

Fraser Paint Customs

Don's Prop Shop

Derokunsama Studios

Little Star Gifts

Primos Collectibles

The Bookman

Diyang's Tranformers

Vector Sigma Collectibles

Scrapper 6 Transformers & More!

Alternator Fan Transformers

C-Spray Transformers

Transformers Comics Table

Northern Warriors Transformers Sales

Psyclone Comics

GBM Chomichuk Books & Art


While we go to great lengths to ensure a safe and secure convention environment for all, Ener-Con is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items or merchandise from any vendor, attendee, volunteer or person otherwise taking part in the convention.

Want Generation 1? Generation 2? Reissues? Ener-Con's vendor room has all that and more!

If you love any of the above properties be sure to watch for merchandise from those and more in the Ener-Con Vendor Room!

Ener-Con will feature a huge selection of hard to find toys!

Maximize! Ener-Con will feature a huge assortment of MISB & Loose Beast Wars toys!