Ener-Con 2017 Welcomes Richard Newman!

Ener-Con is very pleased to be welcoming Richard Newman as our 2017 Guest of Honour! Richard is best known to Transformers fans as the voices of Rhinox in Beast Wars, Tankor in Beast Machines and Vector Prime in Cybertron!

Richard has also been heard in numerous other animated series over his 45 year career including My Little Pony, GI Joe Extreme, Streetfighter, He-Man, Reboot, Dragon Ball Z, Inayusha, Mobile Suit Gundam, X-Men Evolution and Bucky O'Hare just to name a few.

You have also seen him onscreen in series like The Commish, X-Files, Macgyver, The Beachcombers, Supernatural, 21 Jump Street and Danger Bay.

Richard will be at Ener-Con all weekend long, August 26th & 27th, 2017, meeting with fans and signing autographs. Also watch for Richard's Q&A and Script Reading as part of Ener-Con's programming schedule!

Yak & Shadow Return to Ener-Con!

Ener-Con is excited to be welcoming back Will & Bart, wel known for their Yak & Shadow brand that appears regularly at local Winnipeg conventions!

Once again they will be bringing their amazing talents to Ener-Con, all of their humorous Transformers art and their new card game Surplus of Popes!

Will will also be taking part in a couple events on our programming schedule including the Ener-Con 2017 Script Reading with Richard Newman and the Rumble is Red, Frenzy is Blue panel! 

Lovern Kindzierski To Attend Ener-Con 2017!

Lovern Kindzierski's colours have appeared in many comic books, magazines and animation, including Sandman, The X-men, Coraline and The Graveyard Book. He has been nominated as best colorist for the Eisner Awards, Harvey Awards, and Schuster Awards. Lovern won best colourist in the Wizard Fan Awards (twice), as well as the Comic Buyers’ Guide Fan Awards. In his other career, as a writer, he has worked on titles such as Star Wars Tales, Underworld and the Shame trilogy. His writing on Tarzan garnered him the nomination for best writer in the Harvey Awards.

Recently Lovern has been working with IDW on their mass crossover universe Revolutionaries, specifically colouring the interiors(and some covers) of the GI JOE Revolution series which features the Decepticon Skywarp joining the GI JOE team!

Lovern will be on hand at Ener-Con 2017 all weekend long meeting with fans and taking part in a panel or two. Be sure to stop by his booth and say hello! 

Chris Chuckry To Attend Ener-Con 2017

Ener-Con is extremely pleased to be welcoming Chris Chuckry to the convention in 2017.

One of the founders and former president of the ground breaking comic book coloring studio Digital Chameleon, a company recognized as the first studio to utilize Adobe Photoshop for comic coloring. This revolutionized coloring in the industry and put Winnipeg artists on the map with large comic book publishers like Marvel, DC and Dark Horse.

Chris has worked on numerous high profile properties as a colorist including GI Joe, Star Wars, Batman, X-Men & Amazing Spiderman just to name a few.

Chris will be on hand all weekend long at Ener-Con 2017 meeting with fans, selling art and taking part in Q&A's and panels. We are still working out the details but our hope is that Chris will also be able to do digital coloring of sketches for attendees at the show as well! The idea being that an attendee can buy a sketch from one of Ener-Con's talented guest artists and for a fee Chris can color that image for you digitally and shoot it back to you via email so you can get it printed off at your local print shop!

Comic Book Artist Evan Quiring Returns to Ener-Con For 2017!

Independent comic artist Evan Quiring brings his amazing Transformers art back to Ener-Con for a third consecutive show!  

Evan is the Artist/ Writer/ Creator of Los Luchadores Mysteriosos and has done freelance work for various publishers. A few of these publishers include Alternative Comics, Red Eye Press, Ronin Studios, Afterburn Studios, Lonely Robot Comics, Forged Vision Studios and Sugar Skull Media.

Evan will be debuting a new G1 inspired print at Ener-Con 2017, as well as being on hand all weekend long selling prints and offering up amazing sketches for attendees of Manitoba's Transformers Fan Convention!.

Chasing Artwork Returns To Ener-Con For 2017!

Ener-Con is pleased to be welcoming back Justin Currie and the Chasing Artwork Illustration & Design Studio in 2017!

Chasing Artwork is a Winnipeg based Illustrati
on and Design studio founded by Justin Currie. The studio is the originator of the "shattered vector painting" technique and has strong expertise in digital painting, concept art, and visual story telling. In addition to original Transformers art the company is known innovative robotic designs, as well as more traditional artwork, of numerous pop culture franchises including work inspired by Marvel, DC, Star Wars and more!

Chasing Artwork has recently began self publishing graphic novels, its first book venture "Cassie and Tonk" won the Manuel Dias Manitoba Book Design and Illustration award for 2015. Two new books are under construction and scheduled for printing this year.

Chasing Artwork Studios is currently located in the Winnipeg Exchange district, and the studio travels on a regular basis to Comic Cons all over North America, the UK and Australia selling and promoting the companies digital paintings and publications.

GMB CHOMICHUK @ Ener-Con 2017!

Ener-Con is pleased to be welcoming Illustrator & Writer GMB Chomichuk to this years show!

GMB CHOMICHUK is a Canadian writer, teacher, mixed media artist and graphic novelist.

He won the Manitoba Young Writers Award when he was 15. He won the Manitoba Book Award for Best Illustrated Book in 2011. His graphic novel series The Imagination Manifesto has been nominated for Best Canadian Graphic Novel in the 2012 Aurora Awards.

He is the founder of Alchemical Press and is always on the lookout for literary oddities. He puts words and pictures together. Some people call that alchemy. He calls that comics.

Larry Hama Cancellation/Postponement 

One of the most difficult parts of convention planning is delivering disappointing news.

 Unfortunately Larry Hama, due to a scheduling conflict, will not be able to attend Ener-Con in 2017.

Larry has graciously offered to come in for a future event and we certainly look forward bringing him to Winnipeg to meet with fans at some point in the future.

That said, the show must go on! Stay tuned to the Ener-Con website and Social Media accounts for updates on guests, activities and other news in the coming months!

Special guests may charge additional fees for autographs and/or photos. Guest appearances subject to cancellation or schedule change, due to professional commitments or other circumstances beyond Ener-Con's control.

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