Ener-Con's journey to become Manitoba's first Transformers Convention was born from unassuming beginnings in 2009. That was the year that Iacon North, The Manitoba Transformers Fan Club, was founded. We found that we had a growing group of local Transformers toy collectors on the Canadian Cybertron.ca Transformers fan fourm and decided to make efforts to expand our group.

Shortly after founding the group we made our first local convention appearance at the Central Canada Comic Con in 2009 promoting both Iacon North & Cybertron.ca. From there we began to do appearances at other local conventions such as the Winnipeg Pop Culture Expo in 2010, Ai-kon in 2010, and once again The Central Canada Comic Con that fall.

In 2011 we organized our first self promoted show, a gathering of toy collectors spread out over 12 tables at Thirsty World Flea Market on August 27th of that year. For 2012 & 2013 we expanded the Fan Gathering to a two day event. These early events paved the way for Ener-Con to happen in 2014.

Ener-Con is a 100% fan driven convention dedicated to all things Transformers as well as Transformers related aspects of pop culture. In 2014 at our first convention we hosted industry guests Michael Chain(the voice of G1 Powerglide, Hoist & Red Alert), Marvin Mariano(Hasbro Transformers Concept Designer, & James Raiz (Dreamwave & IDW Transformers Comic Artist). As well the show featured over 40 local artists and vendors, a script reading, Q & A's with our special guests, toy customizing panels, a video game tournament, two build you own Kreon events, fan hosted panels, free pictures with a 2009 'Bumblebee' Camaro. Trivia Contest, Door Prizes and loads more.

In 2015 Ener-Con held our second show featuring voice actor Neil Kaplan(RID Optimus Prime), IDW Writer & Artist Bill Forster & local artists Ian Sokoliwski, Evan Quiring, Adam Kirk & Yak & Shadow. We once again featured over 40 local vendors, a full schedule of panels, video gaming all weekend long hosted by GEEKSPRO, a Saturday night pizza party and screening of Transformers the Movie & were pleased to welcome Manitoba Robots Games. Popular past events like Build a Kreon, Ener-Con Jeopardy(Trivia) and tons of door prizes all returned and were once again a lot of fun!

Please watch this website for all new related to our next show scheduled for August 26th & 27th, 2017!

Please Email All Inquiries To: [email protected]

Ener-Con 2014 Special Guest Michael Chain with Astoria from 'The Girl Who Loved Powerglide'

'Bumblebee' with Optimus Prime @ Ener-Con 2014!

Ener-Con guest artist James Raiz did this Hoist sketch for an attendee!