Illustrator & Colorist Chris Chuckry To Attend Ener-Con

Ener-Con is extremely pleased to be welcoming Chris Chuckry to the convention in 2017.

One of the founders and former president of the ground breaking comic book coloring studio Digital Chameleon, a company recognized as the first studio to utilize Adobe Photoshop for comic coloring. This revolutionized coloring in the industry and put Winnipeg artists on the map with large comic book publishers like Marvel, DC and Dark Horse.

Chris has worked on numerous high profile properties as a colorist including GI Joe, Star Wars, Batman, X-Men & Amazing Spiderman just to name a few.

Chris will be on hand all weekend long at Ener-Con 2017 meeting with fans, selling art and taking part in Q&A's and panels. We are still working out the details but our hope is that Chris will also be able to do digital coloring of sketches for attendees at the show as well! The idea being that an attendee can buy a sketch from one of Ener-Con's talented guest artists and for a fee Chris can color that image for you digitally and shoot it back to you via email so you can get it printed off at your local print shop!

Chasing Artwork Returns To Ener-Con in 2017

Ener-Con is pleased to be welcoming back Justin Currie and the Chasing Artwork Illustration & Design Studio in 2017!

Chasing Artwork is a Winnipeg based Illustration and Design studio founded by Justin Currie. The studio is the originator of the "shattered vector painting" technique and has strong expertise in digital painting, concept art, and visual story telling. In addition to original Transformers art the company is known innovative robotic designs, as well as more traditional artwork, of numerous pop culture franchises including work inspired by Marvel, DC, Star Wars and more!

Chasing Artwork has recently began self publishing graphic novels, its first book venture "Cassie and Tonk" won the Manuel Dias Manitoba Book Design and Illustration award for 2015. 

Chasing Artwork Studios is currently located in the Winnipeg Exchange district, and the studio travels on a regular basis to Comic Cons all over North America, the UK and Australia selling and promoting the companies digital paintings and publications. 

Be sure to click on the above image of Optimus Prime vs Megatron to journey over to CHasing Artworks facebook page to check out all kinds of cool stuff!

Larry Hama To Attend Ener-Con 2017!

Larry Hama is best known as the writer of all 155 issues of the Marvel G.I. JOE comic book series which was published from 1982-1994. It is within the pages of the GI Joe series that he wrote a five issue story telling to tale of how Megatron's alternate mode was changed from a gun to a tank within the Marvel continuity to help usher in the Transformers Generation 2 era. 

Larry Hama is considered by most to be the "father" of modern GI JOE. In addition to writing the GI JOE comic series, he also named most of the characters and vehicles, as well as writing the character bios that appeared on the back of each toy packaging. Since then he has continued to work in the GI JOE universe a great deal, working with IDW, Devils Due and further with Hasbro. He even seved as a consultant on the GI JOE Live Action Films and has an uncredited role in GI JOE "The Rise Of Cobra" released in 2007.

Other properties Larry has worked on as a comic writer include Wolverine(1990-1997), The Avengers(1990-1991), Nth Man: The Ultimate Ninja(1989-1990), Conan The Barbarian(1989) and Elektra(1998) just to name a few. He also created the character of Bucky O'Hare which was developed into a comic book, toy line and television cartoon.

As an penciller Larry has contributed a lot of art to the pages of a variety of books over the years, including several issues of GI JOE including the famous "Silent Interlude" issue.

In addition to writing and pencilling Mr. Hama also worked as an editor on a variety of titles throughout his career inlcuding The "Nam"(1986-1993), Wonder Woman and more. As well he worked as an actor appearing on TV programs like Mash and Saturday Night Live.  

Larry will be on hand all weekend long at Ener-Con sketching for attendees, participating in panels and meeting with his fans!

Artist Evan Quiring Returns To Ener-Con in 2017!

Independent comic artist Evan Quiring brings his amazing Transformers art back to Ener-Con for a third consecutive show!  

Evan is the Artist/ Writer/ Creator of Los Luchadores Mysteriosos and has done freelance work for various publishers. A few of these publishers include Alternative Comics, Red Eye Press, Ronin Studios, Afterburn Studios, Lonely Robot Comics, Forged Vision Studios and Sugar Skull Media.

Evan will be debuting a new G1 inspired print at Ener-Con 2017, as well as being on hand all weekend long selling prints and offering up amazing sketches for attendees of Manitoba's Transformers Fan Convention!.

Canad Inns Polo Park Hotel Block Information For Ener-Con 2017!

Ener-Con 2017 will take place at the Canad Inns Polo Park, August 26th & 27th!

Located at 1405 St. Matthews Avenue the Canad Inns Polo Park is just a few blocks from Winnipeg's largest mall, Walmart, the Airport, Scotia Bank Theater and tons more.

Onsite the Canad Inns has several attractions including Splashers Indoor Water Park, Aaltos Restaurant, Playmakers Gaming Lounge, Tavern United Sports Pub and a Fitness Center for hotel guests.

Ener-Con & The Canad Inns Polo Park have arranged a special hotel block for attendees at a discounted rate of $115 per night for the nights of August 24th through August 26th.

Please call 1-204-775-8791 to book rooms by mentioning the "Ener-Con 2017 Hotel Block" when making your reservation. Please note that at this time, due to a large number of events taking place that weekend, rooms are currently not available for Sunday night August 27th. We are working with the Canad Inns on availability for attendees for this night and expect there will be rooms available closer to the date of the convention.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us @ [email protected]

Ener-Con 2017 Dates & Venue Announcement!

Ener-Con, Manitoba's Transformers Fan Convention, will be taking place August 26th & 27th, 2017 @ the Canad Inns Polo Park, 1405 St. Matthews Ave in Winnipeg!

Ener-Con 2017 will once again feature the best in Transformers and other pop culture merchandise from a cross section of incredible vendors, special industry guests, local artists, video gaming, activities for kids, local fan organizations, a full weekend of panels and presentations and more!

Stay tuned in the near future as we announce hotel block details, guests, attractions and more!